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Address of USA office:

2600 Virginia Ave, Apt 21, Santa Monica, CA90404
TEL: 001-710-872 7233
E-mail: alexzhou1022@ymail.com
Contact: Alex Chow

About Us >
Ningbo Yuanfan Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd was developed in 2008. The company specialises in reseach and development of PV connectors and junction boxes. With the production area more than 10,000 square metres, our company owes a team of professional researchers, leading experimental and testing equipments. We are confident in being able to offer the finest quality products . Our moulds are produced by leading well-known high-precise moulds manufacture. The contact parts of PV connector are featured by high current rating, low contact resistance and high-precision property. Yuanfan Solar is operating strictly with the supervision of ISO9001 standars. The company has earned many official accreditations such as UL, TUV and ROHS. What's more. we have owned patterns for our products.